Guitar (Acoustic/Electric/Bass), Accompanied Vocal, and Applied Music Theory (Adults)

Music and guitar lessons to take you beyond strumming few chords and coping from limiting tablature forever; you’ll have instead a proper understanding of music to get you on playing, covering, composing and improvising in the style that you like.

Based on your personal interest and goal, the course contents will be customized to fit your needs and the genre you like – whether it’s pop, rock, metal, funk, blues, or jazz…

Each session combines both, applied music theory and guitar technique, integrated in an easy, logical and interesting way that will keep you inspired and motivated throughout the course and beyond!

The content of each session is customized to fit all levels, from absolute beginner, intermediate to advance – including the following topics:

Course Content

• All basic techniques, from absolute beginner gradually into more intermediate and advanced ones;

• Understand your instrument and recognize all the notes on the fretboard;• Read, write and understand rhythm, and recognize different meters;• Read and write musical and guitar notation and/or tablature; 

• Learn scales/modes in all keys and effectively use them in your own playing;

• Study harmony, chords and most popular progressions;

• Understand the chord scale relationship, basics of ear training, composing, and improvising.

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